2022/23 Bargaining

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Important dates for MUNFA members

  • Jan. 30 — Strike deadline

Want to get involved?

Here are actions you can take:

Get active on social media

Post about why getting a fair deal matters to you! Tag MUNFA and the university: on Twitter, @MUNFaculty and @MemorialU; on Facebook, @MUNFaculty and @MemorialUniversity; on Instagram, @MUNFaculty and @memorialuniversity. Use the hashtag #FairDealAtMUN to share your stories, and make use of any of the images below!

We are looking for personal testimonials from MUNFA members who experience precarious contract work, unsustainable teaching loads, or other negative working conditions. You can share anonymously if you choose; in your testimonial, include only the information that you are comfortable having shared on social media. Click here to fill out the form.

Email Tannara Yelland at membership.munfa@mun.ca to ask for a copy of the “I support the MUNFA Bargaining Team” poster to be delivered to your office door.

If you haven’t done so already, sign this letter in support of reaching a fair deal at the negotiating table. (If you’ve already signed it, great! Now you can get three of your colleagues to sign on as well.)

If you would like to be involved in building support for MUNFA’s bargaining priorities, email Tannara Yelland at membership.munfa@mun.ca.

If you’d like to participate in logistical planning for any potential job actions, please email munfa@mun.ca to inquire about the Job Action Committee.