A-17-19 (Notification of Teaching Assignments)

Article 3 (Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty Members) of the MUNFA/MUN Collective Agreement (CA) stipulates that teaching assignments to ASMs be transparent so that we can all consider if they are made fairly, reasonably, and equitably.

The first provision for ensuring this transparency is in Clause 3.11 (ii) (a) “The Administrative Head shall then make a preliminary assignment of the number of courses and the particular courses to be taught by each Faculty Member and circulate this preliminary list of all teaching assignments to all Faculty Members and invite comments.

The second relevant provision is in Clause 3.36: “Three (3) times a year, at least one (1) week before the start of each semester, the Administrative Head shall provide to every Faculty Member in his or her Academic Unit a tentative list of all course sections and instructors, the number of students per section, together with a list of all members expected to be on leave, for that semester and the next.

Recently, it came to MUNFA’s attention that the university has not consistently followed Clauses 3.11 and 3.36. In response we filed an Association (policy) Grievance on the issue. While the university administration has recently written to MUNFA assuring us that this “inadvertent omission” and failure to follow the CA will not occur in the future, we continue to receive reports from our Members that this information is not being provided in many Academic Units.

If you have not recently been advised of the teaching assignments in your Academic Unit in accordance with the Collective Agreement, we ask that you let us know (munfa@mun.ca or ext. 8642).