Joint #15 Article 21


27 OCTOBER 2000


21.01 Outside professional activities may enhance the reputation of the University and the professional, scholarly and scientific competence of the ASM. ASMs are encouraged to involve themselves with the community outside the University in applying their professional skills and knowledge. This Article applies only to outside professional activities that involve the application of special skills and knowledge within the ASM’s particular academic competence. An ASM may engage in such activities subject to the following conditions:

(a) Such activities shall not hinder the fulfillment of the ASM’s obligations to the University, including scholarly work, and the undertaking of a fair share of academic administration.

(b) Outside professional activities shall not require the commitment of a block of time which might interfere with the ASM’s normal timetable for teaching activities.

21.02 An ASM shall, upon written request, make available to his or her Administrative Head information on the nature and scope of paid outside professional activities.

21.03 When outside professional activities would involve the use of University supplies, facilities, employees, or services, such use shall be subject to the prior written approval of the Administrative Head. The request for approval shall include information on the nature and scope of the outside professional activities for which support is requested. If approval is granted, the charges for such equipment, supplies, facilities, employees or services shall be at the prevailing rates unless the Vice-President (Academic) agrees, in writing, to waive all or part of the charges. When engaging in outside professional activities, the ASM shall ensure that he or she does not represent himself or herself as acting on behalf of the University. The University will assume no liability for any action brought against an ASM as a result of outside professional activities.

21.04 The name of the University shall not be used in any outside professional activity unless agreed, in writing, by the Vice-President (Academic), although nothing shall prevent the ASM from stating the nature and place of his or her employment, rank and title, in connection with outside professional activities, provided that he or she shall not purport to represent the University or speak for it, or to have its approval unless that approval has been given in writing.

W. E. Schrank

J. E. Strawbridge