Joint #6 Article 8


4 October 2000
Article 8


8.01 Within each Academic Unit, a Promotion and Tenure Committee consisting of Faculty Members shall be established annually no later than May 1 to be in office for the following Academic Year. The Administrative Head shall initiate the process of establishing the Committee.

8.02 In addition to the exclusions in the remainder of this article, a Faculty Member is not eligible to serve on a Promotion and Tenure Committee if he or she:

(a) is being considered for promotion;
(b) is being considered for tenure;
(c) is being considered for extension of tenure-track appointment;
(d) holds a term appointment with a duration of less than two years;
(e) has a conflict of interest as defined in Clause 1.42.

8.03 The Promotion and Tenure Committee shall consist of five (5) Faculty Members, no more than one (1) of whom shall be non-tenured; three (3) of whom shall be elected by the Faculty Members from within the Academic Unit and two (2) of whom shall be appointed by the Administrative Head. If the Administrative Head is to be considered for promotion or tenure in the Academic Year for which the Committee is being established, he or she shall so inform his or her immediate administrative superior who shall make the appointments to the Committee. In the case of Academic Units with fewer than seven (7) Faculty Members eligible and prepared to serve, the Committee shall consist of all eligible Faculty Members of the Academic Unit, of whom no more than one (1) shall be non-tenured. As the need arises, one (1) of the persons appointed by the Administrative Head may be a Faculty Member from a cognate area.

8.04 If the number of eligible Faculty Members who agree to stand for election is fewer than the number specified in Clause 8.03, nonetheless the Committee shall be composed of those appointed and elected within the terms of Clause 8.03. If a Committee is formed under this provision with less than a full complement of members, and if one or more eligible candidates have later made it known that they are available, the vacancies shall be filled during the period September 15 to October 1. These position(s) shall be filled by election, following a further call for nominations, or by appointment, according to the manner in which the position(s) would originally have been filled.

8.05 The first meeting of the Committee shall be convened by the Administrative Head. The Committee shall elect its own Chairperson. The Administrative Head shall not be a member of the Committee, but may meet with the Committee by invitation of the Committee or upon his or her request. The Committee shall have the option of holding meetings in the absence of the Administrative Head. The Administrative Head shall have the option of attending any interview of a candidate with the Committee, and shall be notified of the date and place of such interviews at the time the candidate is notified.

8.06 In the event of a resignation from the Committee on or after [date] an attempt shall be made to fill the resulting vacancy, either by election or appointment between [date], according to the manner in which the position(s) was originally filled. Resignations after [date] shall result in the Committee’s continuing with a reduced number of members.

8.07 At Grenfell College, the procedures for appointment of a Committee set out in Clauses 8.01 to 8.06 shall in general apply except as follows:

a. Each division shall have a Promotion and Tenure Committee.

b. There shall be a “core” committee of members elected annually no later than May 1 by the Faculty Members at the College at large as follows: one (1) member from each academic division at the College.

c. By June 1, the Principal shall appoint a panel of additional members, consisting of two (2) Faculty Members from each division.

d. To the extent possible, the three (3) members from each division shall all be from different disciplines.

e. Each Promotion and Tenure Committee shall consist of core members elected by Faculty Members at large and the two (2) panel members from the division appointed by the Principal.

f. The Chair of each Committee shall be the same Faculty Member who shall serve for the year and shall be elected by the core members from among their number.

g. No more than one (1) member from each Committee shall be non-tenured.

h. Notwithstanding the above, the number of positions to be filled by election shall always exceed the number of positions to be filled by appointment. The positions to be filled by election in excess of the number of divisions shall be elected at large.

W. E. Schrank
J. E. Strawbridge

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