Joint #9 Article 4


28 OCTOBER 2000
Article 4


4.01 All Librarians have certain duties and responsibilities which derive from their practice as Librarians and their position as members of the academic community with academic freedom. The duties and responsibilities of Librarians shall be an appropriate combination of:

(a) professional practice in the University Library by providing professional consultation and assistance to library users and by maintaining and developing the library holdings and information systems on the basis of the needs of Academic Units and the financial resources allocated to the Library. In addition, Librarians are expected to develop their professional knowledge in Library administrative and committee work;

(b) academic service within the University, which may include working with other members of the University community to enhance the academic excellence of the University and the quality of academic life, and working in the community at large through the application of the Librarian’s academic or professional competence or expertise;

(c) research, scholarship, teaching, creative and professional activities.

4.02 The pattern of these responsibilities may vary from time to time and from individual to individual. For the majority of Librarians, however, the principal duties shall be in (a) above.

4.03 Librarians have a professional duty to develop and maintain their competence and effectiveness. In carrying out their duties, Librarians shall:

(a) discharge their assigned responsibilities in accordance with the appropriate Senate resolutions and regulations;

(b) have the responsibility to foster a free exchange of ideas, to refuse to practise or permit censorship, and to strive to ensure the fullest possible access to library materials for members of the University community;

(c) have the right to exercise professional discretion provided that they do not infringe upon the academic freedom of others.

4.04 Librarians shall have the right and responsibility to take a fair and reasonable share of administrative responsibilities other than those comprising part of their principal responsibilities:

(a) through membership on appropriate bodies, and on Faculty, School, University, and other Committees and Boards;

(b) by undertaking other administrative tasks.

4.04#1x A Librarian shall be elected or appointed to such bodies as listed in Clause 4.04(a) or undertake other administrative tasks only with his or her consent. A Librarian shall not unreasonably withhold his or her consent. Those who have the responsibility to make such appointments shall make every effort to ensure that academic service commitments are equitably shared.

4.05 Appointment to an administrative position or assignment to administrative duties in the Library shall not be contingent upon rank.

4.06 In the exercise of professional or administrative responsibilities, Librarians shall treat academic colleagues and students so that objectivity, fairness, respect for privacy and absence of discrimination are maintained in all deliberations, recommendations and decisions.

4.07 Participation of Librarians in the work of learned societies, disciplinary associations, professional organizations and associations, and organizations related to the professional competence or expertise of Librarians shall constitute academic service within the meaning of Clause 4.01(b).

4.08 The duty to engage in scholarly activity as set out in Clause 4.01 (c) includes:

(a) the conduct of research, scholarship, and critical, creative, professional or developmental work;

(b) the dissemination of such work through publication, demonstration, presentation, exhibition or performance, or by other means appropriate to the discipline.

4.09 The University Librarian shall ensure that the assignment of duties and responsibilities is fair, equitable and reasonable.

4.09#1u If the responsibilities associated with a Librarian’s assigned duties exceed a reasonable amount, he or she shall be granted compensatory reduction by mutual agreement between the Librarian and the University Librarian. The University Librarian shall specify any changes in writing.

(a)u When such an excess would result from a planned change to a Librarian’s duties, either on a continuing or a limited-term basis, the compensatory reduction shall be agreed to before the change in duties takes effect.

(b)u When such an excess has resulted from growth in the responsibilities associated with previously assigned duties, the compensatory reduction shall be made within ten (10) days of the Librarian applying to the University Librarian in writing for such a reduction.


4.11 (a) Support for professional development on full salary shall be granted by the University Librarian to a Librarian to pursue approved research projects or professional development opportunities without distraction. Librarians holding tenured or tenure-track appointments are eligible for this support. Librarians holding regular term appoints are also eligible for this support when they have accumulated more than two (2) years of service over a period not exceeding five (5) years. They are then eligible for the support in every subsequent year of appoint unless there is a period of five (5) or more calendar years separating appointments. For regular term appointees holding part-time appoints, years of service shall be calculated according to the formula of Clause 17.7, and the release for research and professional development shall be for twenty (20) days.

(b) A Librarian seeking such support for research or professional development shall submit a proposal to the University Librarian specifying the project or opportunity for approval. Such a project can relate to library science or to an academic subject within the expertise of the Librarian.

(c) Such support shall provide release from normal responsibilities for four (4) weeks in each year of service which, if not taken, may be accumulated for up to two (2) years (up to eight (8) weeks of release).

(d) Such release from normal responsibilities shall be scheduled by mutual agreement between the Librarian and the University Librarian.

(e) Achievements of Librarians during such release from normal responsibilities shall be evaluated as additional criteria in performance and promotion evaluations. These achievements shall be assessed under Clause 4.01 (a), (b) and (c), as appropriate.

J. E. Strawbridge
W. E. Schrank

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