Number of days since receipt of notice of intention to begin negotiations: 467

Number of days since MUN and MUNFA agreed on which Articles would be negotiated: 312

Number of days since MUNFA and MUN actually began collective bargaining: 196

Number of days since MUNFA presented a salary proposal to the administration: 161

Number of actual bargaining sessions: 13

Of 31 total Articles, number to be negotiated: 6

Number of Articles agreed: 0

Amount of money offered towards salaries or benefits by the administration: $0


Despite MUNFA being prepared to seriously negotiate as early as last fall, the parties have managed to meet face-to-face on average only twice per month since April. Nevertheless, negotiations have narrowed the outstanding issues in the majority of the six Articles being negotiated to very few. As has been the pattern once again at MUN, MUNFA currently awaits responses from the Administration on all six Articles, and we still await an opening response from MUN on money.

MUNFA Negotiating Committee:

  • Jon Church (Medicine) Chief Negotiator
  • George Jenner (Earth Sciences)
  • Dorothy Milne (Q.E. II Library)
  • Richard Rivkin (Ocean Sciences Centre)
  • Lili Wang (Pharmacy)
  • Paul Wilson (SWGC)
  • Marian Atkinson (MUNFA Executive Officer, non-voting member)