Negotiating News #3

The MUNFA Negotiating Committee and the administration team have now met in an additional four bargaining sessions – November 24 & 27, December 4 & 9 – since Negotiating News #2 circulated on November 23. Following from those collective bargaining meetings, MUNFA can report both good news, and bad.

First the good news: Both parties have worked hard, and as a result, the number of issues that now separate us have been dramatically reduced.

But the bad news: The items that remain, while significantly fewer in number, represent those that are crucial, and the most difficult to resolve.

The attached table offers a summary of the current state of negotiations.

The parties have scheduled two more sessions before Christmas – December 16 & 18 – at which time MUNFA hopes that the final disagreements can be resolved, and that the administration will table a monetary package. Suffice it to say that while difficult decisions must be made at the bargaining table, MUNFA remains optimistic that an agreement on a new Collective Agreement can be reached very soon.

MUNFA Negotiating Committee:

  • Jon Church (Medicine) Chief Negotiator
  • Sean Cadigan (History)
  • Sonya Corbin Dwyer (SWGC)
  • Chris Dennis (Library)
  • Kjellrun Hestekin (Music)
  • George Jenner (Earth Sciences)
  • Basil Kavanagh (Human Kinetics)
  • Leroy Murphy (Business, Coop)
  • Lili Wang (Pharmacy)
  • Paul Wilson (SWGC)
  • Marian Atkinson (MUNFA Executive Officer, non-voting member)

Please see attached PDF download for more information.