Negotiating News #8

On Friday afternoon, May 16th, negotiators for both MUNFA and MUN shook hands on a tentative collective agreement. Since that day, both parties have been working to put in place the new contract language that was initially only agreed upon verbally.

More details on the proposed new deal – effective September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2017- will be forthcoming from the MUNFA Executive, but the MUNFA Negotiating Committee intends to recommend the proposed 2013 – 2017 Collective Agreement to the Executive Committee at the earliest opportunity. Subject to the approval of the Executive, a ratification vote will be held on an appropriate date yet to be determined.

MUNFA Negotiating Committee:

  • Dr. Jon Church (Chief Negotiator), Medicine
  • Dr. Barrie Barrell, Education
  • Dr. Alistair Bath, Geography
  • Dr. Stephen Butt, Engineering & Applied Science
  • Dr. Sonya Corbin Dwyer, Grenfell Campus
  • Mr. Dan Duda, Library
  • Ms. Kelly Hickey, MUNFA Executive Officer
  • Dr. George Jenner, Earth Sciences
  • Dr. Basil Kavanagh, Human Kinetics & Recreation
  • Mr. Leroy Murphy, Cooperative Education Coordinator, Business
  • Dr. Richard Rivkin, Ocean Sciences
  • Dr. Paul Wilson, Grenfell Campus