President’s Update, Feb. 8: Parties to Continue Talking on Thursday

When the MUNFA and administration bargaining teams met on Tuesday, MUNFA’s team suggested a number of proposals aimed at reaching some consensus with the administration without sacrificing the improvements that our members, and the university community at large, need and deserve. Today, the administration’s team did not formally respond to MUNFA’s last package of proposals — however, they did indicate that they would be willing to consider a proposal put forward by MUNFA’s bargaining team which included improvements for contractual faculty, provided they are put in writing.

While the decision to make this request on Wednesday rather than Tuesday has frustratingly kept members on the line for another day, the administration’s openness to your bargaining team’s proposals is a promising development.

Once again we can see that our resolve and unity on the line, and the committed support of students, our partners in the labour movement, and the public at large are working!

The parties will meet again tomorrow, February 9th, at 9:30 am. Stay tuned for more news as it comes.

In love and solidarity,
MUNFA President Ash Hossain