Appropriate Use of PDTER Funds

It has come to the attention of MUNFA that some Academic Units (AUs) may expect Academic Staff Members (ASMs) to use their Professional Development and Travel Expense Reimbursement (PDTER) funds for purposes other than what is stipulated in the Collective Agreement at Clause 31.56.

To help understand the extent and nature of this issue, MUNFA requests the assistance of ASMs to help document cases where AUs expect ASMs to use PDTER funds for expenses related to support services and materials for their University work.

Of concern is the potential use of PDTER funds to pay for support services such as office material and duplicating services, which the University is required to provide in accordance with Clause 26.17. Clause 26.17 states:

The University recognizes the importance of support services to the work of ASMs. The University agrees to use its best efforts to provide appropriate secretarial services, Library services, duplicating services, mail services… office material, postage, and supplies for their University work.

While PDTER funds may be used for “supplies and materials” referenced in Clause 31.56, MUNFA’s position is that these expenditures ought to be associated with professional development and travel and are at the discretion of the ASM. For example, ASMs should not be expected to purchase printing supplies out of PDTER funds so that they may perform their normal duties as an ASM.

In the event you are able to assist, please contact the MUNFA Office at 864-8642 or