Article 28- Delegated Administrative Duties

Article 28 of the MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement defines the appointment and duties of Academic Staff Members (ASMs) with delegated administrative responsibilities, including Deputy Heads, Library Division Heads, Programme Coordinators, First-Year Coordinators, and Grenfell College Programme Chairs. Clause 31.54 of the MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement specifies the stipends that shall be paid to ASMs appointed to such positions.

MUNFA reminds all ASMs who assume delegated administrative responsibilities to ensure that they receive the appropriate compensation. The stipends, as defined in Clause 31.54, are normally included as extra payment with an ASM’s bi-weekly salary payment. MUNFA encourages any ASM who has concerns that they have not been appropriately compensated for performing delegated administrative responsibilities as defined in Article 28, to contact the MUNFA Office ( for advice.