Carrying Forward Unused Vacation Leave

Under the current Collective Agreement (Article 22), a maximum of one year’s unused entitlement may be carried forward from one Academic Year to the next.

Clause 22.03(c) states:


Written notice shall be given to the Administrative Head by the ASM by September 30 of any unused vacation leave being carried forward. The notice shall specify the amount of vacation leave carried over to the next Academic Year, the vacation leave allowance for the previous Academic Year, the vacation leave taken in the previous Academic Year, and the amount of unused vacation leave being carried forward to the current Academic Year.

If you wish to carry over any unused vacation leave, you should submit to your Head a memo containing the following information, in accordance with Clause 22.03(c):

  1. 1)  Unused vacation time carried forward August 31, 2008 days
  2. 2)  Entitlement for September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009 days (30 days after 10 years of service, 25 days otherwise)
  3. 3)  Total entitlement in 2008-2009 days (Maximum 2 years’ entitlement)
  4. 4)  Less number of days used days
  5. 5)  Amount carried forward to 2009-2010 days