CAUT Calls for Reinvestment in Research and Education

(Ottawa — February 16, 2016) The Canadian Association of University Teachers is calling on the Liberal government to increase support for research and post-secondary education in the upcoming Federal Budget.
“After years of declining funding and the undermining of science and scientists, Canada needs a new vision to get science right and improve the accessibility and quality of post-secondary education,” said CAUT executive director David Robinson.
In its 2016-2017 pre-budget submission, CAUT recommends the federal government invest in Canada’s knowledge infrastructure and develop a pan-Canadian strategy to boost scientific research and to improve access to post-secondary education.
CAUT’s key demands include the following:
Invest $1.1 billion over three years to support basic research through the three federal research granting councils
Create a Parliamentary Science Officer
Implement a national strategy in collaboration with the provinces to remove all barriers to access and participation in PSE
Double the Canada Student Grant Program

Media contact:

Angela Regnier, Communications Officer, Canadian Association of University Teachers; 613-726-5186 (o); 613-601-6304 (cell)