CAUT Collective Bargaining Workshop

As reported at last week’s General Meeting, we anticipate being in collective bargaining this Fall for a new Collective Agreement. The Proposals Committee is preparing for that and will report its work to the membership late-summer or early-fall.

In addition to preparing our proposals, we also need to appoint a Negotiating Committee. We have in past taken advantage of Canadian Association of University Teachers’ (CAUT) offer of a Collective Bargaining Workshop and plan to do the same this time around. The one or two day workshop is good preparation for Academic Staff Members (ASMs) who are interested in serving on the Negotiating Committee in this round of collective bargaining, or who might want to volunteer in a future round of collective bargaining. It is an interesting workshop and provides skills that many will find useful. We are looking at potential dates in late-summer (July or August).

We are asking those interested in attending the workshop to please identify themselves to MUNFA by writing to the office ( An interest in participating in the workshop does not constitute a commitment to be a member of the Negotiating Committee. Members may wish to participate purely for information and to develop another set of skills. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to be in contact with the MUNFA Office (