CAUT Equity Networks

MUNFA has been advised that Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) has created, as part of its new equity structure, four networks designed to provide an opportunity for members of under represented groups to participate in providing advice to CAUT on its equity work. The four networks are:

! Network of Academic Staff with Disabilities ! Network of Racialized Academic Staff
! Network of LGBTQ2S Academic Staff
! Network of Women Academic Staff

Members of the four networks will be consulted electronically by CAUT’s Equity Committee and/or the Executive as needed in order to help CAUT advance equity issues.

If you are interested and willing to be part of one of these Networks, please let MUNFA know so we can forward your name, university address, phone number, and email address to CAUT. Also, please let us know which network you would like to join.

If you have questions or want more background, please contact the MUNFA Office (ext. 8642 or email: