Clauses 3.03 and 3.18 of the Collective Agreement

The Academic Freedom and Grievance Committee has recently had to consider a number of queries from Academic Staff Members (ASMs) about Clauses 3.03 and 3.18 of the Collective Agreement. MUNFA members should note the following:

  1. There is no obligation under Clause 3.03 for the creation of disciplinary or departmental definitions of scholarship. If departments voluntarily agree to create such definitions, such definitions may not limit or exclude the more general provisions of the Collective Agreement. Any such definitions should include the introductory statement: “Scholarly activity includes but is not limited to…”
  2. Clauses 3.03 and 3.18 must be considered in light of Clause 3.08. Any decisions about the assignment of extra teaching rest with the department head in consultation with the ASMs concerned. Decisions about scholarship and/or the assignment of extra teaching for the purposes of Clauses 3.03 and 3.18 may not be made at any other administrative level.
  3. Department heads have the right to ask ASMs to report on their scholarship for the purposes specified in Clauses 3.03 and 3.18. However, ASMs are under no obligation to fill out particular forms. They may respond to requests from the head by submitting a current version of their curriculum vitaes.

If you have any questions, please contact the MUNFA office at ext. 8642 or e-mail: