COVID-19 MUNFA Update – March 16

This past weekend, the MUNFA Executive met with University officials to discuss questions and concerns academic staff members (ASMs) may have as we cope with changes to our workplace due to COVID-19. Following the University’s recent announcement, we encourage MUNFA members to discuss alternative methods of course delivery and evaluation with their Department Head or Dean. Where possible, ASMs should document these decisions in writing.

Lots of questions remain. As MUNFA learns more about the University’s response to the evolving situation, and the ways that our members are affected by that response, we will provide further updates.

Please continue to stay apprised of the situation at Memorial University’s COVID-19 Information Hub: and raise questions with your Department Head or Dean, or by directing them to

If MUNFA members would like to discuss their concerns with the Faculty Association, please do not hesitate to email our office