COVID-19 MUNFA Update – March 31

MUNFA recognizes and appreciates that all academic staff members are making extraordinary efforts to support the University and our students throughout this difficult time. We understand the strain that the current situation is taking on you, whether that be due to an intensified responsibility to care for dependents in new and often complex ways, concern for family and friends, or the pressure to adapt to a quickly changing workplace, amongst many other stressors. We encourage you to continue reaching out to us and to each other, while doing your utmost to keep our communities healthy and safe.

As your union, we are here to support you and work on your behalf, both individually and collectively. Many of you have reached out with concerns or questions, and we are taking steps to secure appropriate accommodations while also fighting to protect your Collective Agreement rights.

Earlier today, members of the MUNFA Executive met with Faculty Relations to discuss the current situation and seek agreements on a number of your concerns. These include:

  • Promotion & Tenure timelines;
  • Administration of research and PDTER funds;
  • Impacts on research operations;
  • Impacts on Sabbatical; and
  • Contract appointments for the Spring, Intersession, and Summer semester.

As we await a response from the University administration, we reiterate that the MUNFA Executive Committee, Academic Freedom & Grievance Committees, and MUNFA staff continue our work and are here to support you during these challenging times. If you ever have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at