COVID-19 Related Grievances

As noted in previous bulletins, the MUNFA Executive has approached the University administration with concrete proposals to address a number of key workplace concerns related to the COVID-19 situation. Although the administration is moving – if unevenly – on such matters as building access, we have yet to receive a response from them on most of our proposals. As there has been no agreement between the administration and the union to temporarily vary the MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement (CA), our contract remains in full effect.

Accordingly, as always, we encourage Academic Staff Members (ASMs) to contact our office regarding any workplace concerns. While we know ASMs are eager to accommodate themselves to the constraints of the current situation, it is only through enforcement of our CA that we can ensure our working conditions are fair and functional for all MUNFA members.

We understand that, for various reasons, some ASMs may hesitate to raise workplace concerns. As such, we wish to reassure members that our Academic Freedom & Grievance (AF&G) Committee and MUNFA staff are well equipped to handle these situations. Many problems can be addressed through discussions with our staff and volunteers without the need to initiate the formal grievance procedure. In the event that there is a clear violation of the CA, our AF&G Committee can walk you through the simple process of filing a grievance. And once the grievance is filed, your assigned Case Officers will take responsibility for the file and advocate on your behalf.

It is important that we not allow the pandemic situation to provide cover for a slow erosion of our current rights, and it is only by hearing from our members that we can protect our contract. The current situation is difficult for many ASMs, especially our most vulnerable colleagues. A grievance can help MUNFA advocate not just on your behalf, but for our membership as a whole.

We ask that if you have employment-related concerns please get in touch with the MUNFA office  ( as soon as possible.