Feedback on Proposed Changes to the MUNFA Executive Terms of Reference Extended

At the April 18, 2017 MUNFA General Meeting, proposed changes to the Terms of Reference of the MUNFA Executive Committee were presented along with a rationale, and Members were invited to provide feedback from the floor. These proposals were subsequently posted to the MUNFA website, with a view to soliciting additional feedback from our membership. At the July 20, 2017 meeting of the MUNFA Executive Committee, all feedback was discussed. The attached report summarizes the changes to the Terms of Reference recommended by the Executive Committee.

The deadline for feedback on these proposals has been extended until August 31, 2017 and can be forwarded to As required by our constitution, there will be a vote on these changes at MUNFA’s October 2017 General Meeting.

To view the previous discussion document and rationale for restructuring visit: