IT Security Breach at Grenfell Campus

President’s Update


January 3, 2024


IT Security Breach at Grenfell Campus

On December 31st, a Gazette article was published and NEWSLINE messages have since been sent out regarding an IT Security Issue impacting Grenfell Campus.

The MUNFA Executive understands the situation is evolving and has limited information. We have received notice that Academic Staff Members (ASMs) on Grenfell Campus will need to return devices that may be impacted, such as Grenfell-issued desktops and laptops including devices purchased through research or PDTER funds.

The disruptions as a result of this breach, including the delay of the semester, are significant and this is well recognized. At this time, we do not have additional information on the details of the breach nor of any impacts on the personal data of ASMs. The MUNFA Executive was not a part of the planning team that adjusted the start of the semester, nor the decision that ASMs would need to return devices that may be impacted.

Any ASMs at Grenfell Campus with concerns regarding the IT security breach are asked to email The MUNFA Executive is calling for transparency and accountability from the Senior Administration on this breach and the full-reaching impacts on our members.


Josh Lepawsky

Professor of Geography and MUNFA President