Meetings between Search Candidates and MUNFA

The Collective Agreement includes new language that requires Search Committees to arrange meetings with a MUNFA representative for candidates for all tenure-track or tenured positions (see Clause 7.21(g) or Clause 13.24(g) for Librarians). While many Academic Units and Search Committees contacted MUNFA for such meetings in the past, it is important that ASMs are aware that these meetings are now a requirement under the new Collective Agreement.

These meetings provide candidates with an overview of the Collective Agreement and help answer questions they may have about salary and various benefits. They are also an effective means for candidates to learn about the Faculty Association and the resources we provide.

And while the new Collective Agreement language requires these meetings for tenure-track and tenured search candidates, MUNFA encourages Search Committees for all ASM positions to arrange candidate meetings with a MUNFA representative.

To arrange a meeting, please contact the MUNFA office at 864-8642 or email