MUNFA Listserv Update and MUNFA Retiree Membership

MUNFA Listserv Update

The MUNFA Office will be updating our member listserv in the coming days to ensure it includes all current bargaining unit members. We undertake this process semesterly to ensure newly appointed Academic Staff Members (ASMs) are added, and those who have left our bargaining unit are removed.

As we use a membership list provided by the University to update our listserv, there may sometimes be errors, particularly for ASMs who have recently taken on or completed an administrative appointment outside of the bargaining unit.

Additionally, as noted in previous years, ASMs at Grenfell Campus and the Marine Institute may stop receiving MUNFA communications following this update due to having both an and a campus specific email address. This is because the University-provided membership list may not always include the primary email address for such ASMs.

If for any reason you notice you are not receiving communications from MUNFA, or continue to receive communications despite having left the MUNFA bargaining unit, please email and let us know so we can take the necessary steps to correct the issue.


Retired Membership in MUNFA

If an ASM has left the MUNFA bargaining unit as a result of retiring, they are invited to apply for membership as a retired member in MUNFA. Please return this application from to the MUNFA Office with a cheque for $5.00 payable to MUNFA. This fee covers the Academic Year from September 2021 to August 2022.

Retired membership preserves your right to serve on MUNFA committees and participate in general meetings with exception of voting on matters relating to the Collective Agreement.

We would also like to remind recently retired ASMs to keep their library access current in order to prevent inadvertently losing full library privileges by calling the Q.E. II Circulation Desk at 864-7423.

For further information, contact