MUNFA Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to all our 2015-2016 Scholarship Winners 

Aaron Newman Harris

I’m from Goose Bay, Labrador. I hope to be a teacher. I’m currently doing a statistics degree with a chemistry minor. This program works well to get into education, since teaching is my long term goal. The MUNFA scholarship helped pay for rent and groceries during the two terms, alleviating some of the financial burden from family.

Phoebe Lee Bastarache 


Where are you from? Truro, Nova Scotia

What are your future aspirations? I aspire to be a marine biologist 

What are you studying? Currently studying biology 

Why did you choose this program? I love animals, and am interested in marine life.

How has the MUNFA Scholarship helped you in your studies? The MUNFA Scholarship has helped me with my studies by putting less stress on money. It allows me to focus on my school work.

Jessica Cooper


Where are you from? Long Harbour originally but I have spent most of my life in Mount Pearl

What are your future aspirations? Obtain my CPA designation

What are you studying? B-Comm (Co-op)

Why did you choose this program? I did a photography course at academy canada which included some small business classes which I found that I really enjoyed and did well in, especially the accounting course. After pursuing photography for a few years I decided it was time to go back to school and get a degree. My cousin had recently graduated the B-Comm program and it sounded interesting to me.  

How has the MUNFA Scholarship helped you in your studies? As a mature student I do not rely on my parents to cover university and living costs. School as well as life is quite expensive and every bit helps. This scholarship helps to relieve some of the financial burden and allow me to focus more on school work. In addition this scholarship came at a particularly good time for me as I was accepted to study abroad at Harlow. The chance to study abroad was a dream of mine and I am so happy I got the chance, this experience has been amazing. The MUNFA scholarship helped fund my education abroad and for that I am endlessly appreciative.

Attached is a photo of me at the giants causeway which I visited during one of our weekend trips from Harlow!

Marcus Adams 

Where are you from? Gander, NL

What are your future aspirations?  To be a primary/elementary teacher.

What are you studying? Primary/Elementary Education as a first degree with a focus area in physical education

Why did you choose this program? My experiences working with children as an early childhood educator has led me to pursue this degree at Memorial University. My experiences have always been very rewarding and positive.

How has the MUNFA Scholarship helped you in your studies? The MUNFA Scholarship has helped alleviate much of the financial stress that is placed on many university students, including myself. Where I did not have to stress as much over finances for this time period, I found I was able to put even more effort and work into my academics, which I believe will benefit my future as an effective teacher. 

Martin Hurley

Where are you from? Conception Bay South

What are your future aspirations? To finish a Master’s degree followed by med school or complete a PhD degree.

What are you studying? Biochemistry

Why did you choose this program? It was suggested by my father and I ultimately chose this program because of my huge love for science.

How has the MUNFA Scholarship helped you in your studies? Given my poor financial situation, the extra money had certainly helped me during my studies to pay for books, food, parking, tuition, transportation and many other things. It gave an extra boost in terms of helping me get through the year and I’m extremely grateful for receiving it.


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