MUNFA Statement on Academic Freedom, Freedom of Expression, and the Right to Peaceful Protest

As many Academic Staff Members (ASMs) have likely seen, on December 3rd, 2021 Matt Barter, a 4th year undergraduate student at Memorial University, was notified that a complaint had been filed against him under the Student Code of Conduct. MUNFA cannot offer comment directly on Mr. Barter’s situation as we are not privy to the specifics of the complaint. However, as more information enters the public realm MUNFA’s concerns grow with respect to the administration’s approach to student protest and criticism of university policies.

MUNFA reiterates its support for a harassment-free workplace. We also stand in strong defense of academic freedom, as defined in the MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement, as well as freedom of expression and the right to peaceful protest at Memorial University.

We encourage ASMs to review MUNFA’s recent Information Bulletin on your Academic Freedom rights and wish to draw your attention to the MUN Students’ Union’s statement on students’ right to dissent.