MUNL Food Bank Donations

MUNFA members were dismayed to read about the MUNL food bank closing temporarily in October because it didn’t have enough resources to meet the “surging demand” it was seeing. Furthermore, CBC reported that some faculty were resorting to the food bank — an alarming demonstration of how difficult some MUNFA members are finding it to survive on their current wages.

In response to this news, MUNFA’s Executive Committee has donated $1,000 to the food bank, and in addition, would like to suggest that members consider donating what they can. This would be a welcome gesture of solidarity with struggling students and university workers.

MUNFA members who wish to donate money or food to the food bank can find more information on the campus food bank website. Monetary donations can be made via etransfer, cash, cheque, and payroll deduction. For food donations, please contact the food bank to set up a delivery time.