Negotiations – MUNFA Draft Proposals for Feedback

On July 7, 2017 MUNFA advised the administration that we wanted to open negotiations for a new Collective Agreement, as per Clause 1.40. In anticipation of this, the MUNFA Executive appointed a Proposals committee which worked through May, June and July and then met for three days (July 12 – 14, 2017). The Proposals Committee suggested changes to a number of articles. These proposals are available for your review on a password protected portion of our website. Please treat these documents as confidential. If you wish to review the proposals and provide feedback, we ask that you contact seeking the website and password. (Please note that draft changes regarding salaries in Article 31, Salaries and Benefits, are not included. As in the past rounds of collective bargaining, MUNFA will seek fair, reasonable and equitable improvements in both Academic Staff Member salaries and benefits. Additionally, draft changes to Articles 27 and 32 will be available at a later date as they will be affected by ongoing discussions of the University’s proposed Intellectual Property policy.)

We do not yet know which articles will be opened in the current round of collective bargaining. This will be decided following an initial meeting with the administration at an as of yet to be determined date, in which we will discuss the number of articles to be opened, a schedule for negotiations, and other issues concerned with the structure of this round of collective bargaining.

Our Negotiating Committee for the current round of collective bargaining includes:

  • Jon Church – Faculty of Medicine
  • Nicole Power – Department of Sociology
  • Danial Duda – QE II Library
  • George Jenner – Department of Earth Sciences
  • Kurt Korneski – Department of History
  • Dave Peddle – Grenfell Campus
  • Richard Rivkin – Ocean Sciences Centre
  • Leroy Murphy – Faculty of Business Administration
  • Nathalie Pender – Grenfell Campus
  • Robin Durnford – Grenfell Campus

The Negotiating Committee will recommend a Chief Negotiator to the MUNFA Executive Committee.