NL Women’s Day of Action

The NL Women’s Day of Action is an initiative hosted by the Status of Women councils of Newfoundland and Labrador to to raise awareness and protest the gender inequality in our province that is further entrenched in our economy as a result of the Liberal Budget.

On May 24th there will be an online day of action led by discussions on social media using the hashtag #NLwomenrising. On this same day the conversation will continue with community partners, MHA’s, labour allies, students, and members of the community at Status of Women Council centres throughout the province.

Here are a few different ways you can lend your support:

  • 1) Use the hashtag #NLwomen rising to join the conversation or use it in conjunction with #NL_rising discussions
  • 2) Share the poster located below
  • 3) On May 24th retweet messages from community partners who joined the conversation (i.e.: the NLFL, Common Front NL, and CFS)
  • 4) Write your own message about how the women you work with/support/or represent are affected