Online Course Development Reuests & D2L Course Site Activation

On December 1, 2015, a memo (attached) directing the Deans, Associate Deans, Department Heads and AVP (Grenfell) Academic to ‘encourage and remind’ Academic Staff Members (ASMs) to activate Desire2Learn (D2L) course sites to assist in the teaching of on-campus courses was sent by Ms. Susan Cleyle, Director, Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (DELTS).

MUNFA wishes to advise its members of outstanding grievances filed with the University related to insufficient academic freedom, copyright and intellectual property protections for ASMs when adding content and responding to student’s comments and queries on the D2L infrastructure.

While the activation of a D2L course site for an on-campus course remains an option for ASMs, MUNFA recommends that its members do so with caution until such time that the grievances are resolved.