Overlap In Contracts For Teaching-Term Members

In order to provide some additional stability for our most precariously employed members, and additional course preparation time, the new collective agreement (CA) extends the length of teaching-term appointment (TTA) contracts: new TTA contracts will be one month longer, with a start date of April 1, August 1, or December 1 (see Clause 22.05, full text included below).

This contract extension means that ASMs currently on a TTA contract that began on April 1, or who will begin a new TTA contract on August 1, may experience some overlap between their TTA contract and any per-course instructor (PCI) contract they may hold in an adjacent semester.

Members are advised that any overlap between contracts will result in holding two distinct appointments at the same time, but that it is not considered “double-dipping,” and they should be paid for both.

If you have questions regarding your contract and any overlap, please contact munfa@mun.ca.

Full Text of Clause 22.05

A teaching term appointment is a term appointment under which the assigned duties are limited to teaching as defined in Article 3, and shall not be less than five (5) months and shall not exceed a period of thirty-seven (37) months. Teaching term appointments shall normally begin August 1, December 1, or April 1. Notwithstanding the teaching norms for Academic Units as listed in Appendix E, the maximum teaching assignment shall be three (3) lecture courses, one (1) lecture course plus one (1) Laboratory Course or the equivalent (in accordance with Article 3), or two (2) Laboratory Courses or the equivalent (in accordance with Article 3) per semester. At least fifty (50) percent of the teaching term appointments shall be for a minimum period of two (2) consecutive semesters.