Proposals Committee [1st Notice]

As you undoubtedly know, August 31, 2013 represents the formal end date of the current Collective Agreement, and offers a window of opportunity for both parties to open negotiations. According to Clause 1.39 of the Collective Agreement, MUN and MUNFA both have the option to give notice of their desire to commence collective bargaining “…not more than ninety (90) days and not less than thirty (30) days before August 31, 2013.” If notice is not given then the window reappears a year later.

Fully cognizant that fall of 2013 offers MUNFA the opportunity of negotiating a new Collective Agreement, we need to convene a Proposals Committee. The Committee will be responsible for: 1) collecting suggestions from all MUNFA members, and MUNFA Committees; 2) considering such proposals as potential changes to the Collective Agreement, and; 3) drafting contract language that incorporate these changes.

We would like to see the Committee include members from across campus and represent a range of Faculties and Schools. If you are interested in serving on this important Committee, please contact the MUNFA Office ( no later than September 15, 2012.