CAUT Awards Calendar

Award Scope Deadline More Info
Academic Librarians’ and Archivists’ Distinguished Service Award Outstanding service by academic librarians or faculty who have contributed to the advancement of the status and/or working conditions of academic librarians at Canadian universities and colleges. June 1 Annually form
CAUT Academic Freedom Award Significant efforts to promote and defend academic freedom in their universities or colleges. Ongoing form
Dedicated Service Award Exceptional service to their faculty associations. Ongoing form
Milner Memorial Award Distinguished contribution to the cause of academic freedom. Ongoing link
Excellence in Education Journalism In-depth and thoughtful coverage of issues related to post-secondary education in Canada. 06-Feb-16 form
Equity Award Outstanding commitment to challenging exclusionary behaviours and practices such as racism and homophobia and by so doing have made post-secondary education in Canada more inclusive. Feb 1 Annually form
Distinguished Academic Award Who excel in each of the domains of academic life: teaching, research, service to the institution and to the community. 31-Aug-16 form
Donald C. Savage Award To honour and to recognize outstanding achievements in the promotion of collective bargaining in Canadian universities. Feb 1 Annually form
Sarah Shorten Award Outstanding achievements in the promotion of the advancement of women in Canadian universities. June 1 Annually form
The Bernice Schrank Award Outstanding contributions to the enforcement of academic staff workplace rights through grievance/arbitration. Ongoing link

All information obtained from, accessed June 1, 2016.