Scholarship Endowment Trust Fund

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In 1973, MUNFA established a scholarship trust fund for the promotion and encouragement of education at Memorial University of Newfoundland. When the capital of the Trust Fund reached a total amount of $250,000, all capital in excess of that amount, minus costs for management of the Trust Fund, is to be used for scholarships for MUN students. The MUNFA scholarships are available to full time or part time undergraduate students who demonstrate a high academic standard together with need of financial assistance.

Since 1973, many Academic Staff Members and staff of Memorial University have graciously donated to the MUNFA Scholarship Trust Fund. During the years of the Memorial University Opportunities Fund, when donations for scholarships to MUN were matched by Government, MUNFA made provision for the MUNFA scholarships to be included, designating that these matching funds also be used for scholarships. Many MUN students benefited. In the early days, the MUNFA scholarships were for an amount of $300.00; this was later raised to $600.00. These amounts reflected the tuition costs of the day. With changing times, and increased costs of university tuition, each MUNFA scholarship awarded today is valued at $2,500.00.

Should MUNFA members wish to increase their current contribution, begin contributing to the MUNFA Scholarship Endowment Trust Fund, or simply to send a contribution, please complete the contribution

Congratulations to these students and best wishes from MUNFA for their continued success in pursuing their studies.

Download: Scholarship donation form

Congratulations to our 2018/2019 recipients