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Student Opinion Surveys: Information and Articles

Please refer to the articles listed for more research and information on Student Opinion Surveys.

CAUT Bulletin: More evidence against the reliability of student opinion surveys  [1]

Student evaluations and gender [2]

Bias Against Female Instructors  [3]

Validity Concerns and Usefulness of Student Ratings of Instruction [4]

Student Ratings: The Validity of Use  [5]

An Evaluation of Course Evaluations  [6]

Uses and Misuses of Student Evaluations of Teaching: The Interpretation of Differences in Taching Evaluation Means Irrespective of Statistical Information  [7]

Navigating Student Ratings of Instruction  [8]

The Authority of the Student Evaluation Questinaire   [9]

The Unnecessary Agony of Student Evaluations  [10]

The Inherent Unreliability of Student Evaluations  [11]

Making Students’ Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness Effective  [12]