Start Date for Contract Academic Staff

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Memorial University’s Administration has instructed Academic Staff Members to move their courses to remote delivery in the Fall Semester. To accommodate the increased workload associated with this shift, the MUNFA Executive proposed to the University Administration that Teaching Term Appointees (TTAs) with a contract for the Fall semester begin their appointments on August 1, 2020. Unfortunately, the University Administration has rejected this proposal.

However, it has come to MUNFA’s attention that a number of TTAs have had success negotiating an earlier contract start date with their Administrative Heads to allow time to prepare remotely-delivered courses for the Fall. In light of this information, we encourage TTAs who are concerned about the time required to shift to remote teaching to contact their Administrative Head and make such a request. In addition, we would suggest that they make their request in writing and ask that their Administrative Head respond in writing.

If the request is denied, or if anyone has additional questions/concerns related to the above we encourage them to contact the MUNFA office at