Steps to a Ratification Vote of a New Collective Agreement

As MUNFA members know, MUNFA’s Negotiating Committee reached a tentative Collective Agreement with the University administration on January 10th, 2019.

Earlier today (January 29th, 2019) MUNFA received the agreed Joint Articles, prepared for signing by the Chief Negotiators. The remaining steps in the process leading to a ratification vote are as follows:

  • The MUNFA Negotiating Committee will review the articles to ensure that the language matches what was agreed in bargaining, and will prepare a summary for presentation to the MUNFA Executive Committee at a special Executive meeting. Upon Executive approval, the signed Joint Articles and summary of agreed changes will be circulated to members for consideration.
  • MUNFA will then hold a Special General Meeting to allow for discussion of the proposed new Collective Agreement. Any recommendation from the MUNFA Executive to the Membership regarding the formal vote shall be discussed at this meeting, but no vote of approval or ratification shall be taken at the meeting.
  • MUNFA will hold a Ratification Vote by secret ballot at the St. John’s & Grenfell Campuses. A minimum of six (6) hours shall be allowed for voting. In addition, where possible and appropriate, the Executive shall make alternative voting arrangements, so as not to disadvantage those unable to vote at the designated times.


MUNFA hopes to conclude this process by March 31th, 2019. Changes made through bargaining will be effective immediately upon signing of the new Collective Agreement, unless otherwise specified.