Strike Duties Questionnaire

With the announcement of MUNFA members’ historic strike vote on Jan. 18 and the strike deadline — set for January 30 at 12:01 a.m. — MUNFA’s Job Action Committee is preparing for the possibility of a strike. All members are requested to fill out the Strike Duties Questionnaire (link here and below) so that the Job Action Committee can make appropriate arrangements while respecting the needs of members.

As outlined in the Strike FAQ on the MUNFA website (, members will be expected to cease their regular employment duties in the event of a strike, and to complete 2.5 hours of strike work per day, Monday-Friday. Members fulfilling these strike duties will be paid $150/day (paid 7 days/week, for a total of $1,050/week). The Strike Duties Questionnaire will allow the Job Action Committee to schedule members into a variety of strike duties, ensuring that a number of crucial strike functions are adequately staffed.

This questionnaire includes questions about shift preferences; duty preferences; accessibility needs; and contact information.

Please be advised that, per the Strike Protocol signed by MUNFA and the MUN administration on Jan. 19, 2023, sabbaticants are considered on strike and thus must complete strike duties to qualify for strike pay. This is contrary to what MUNFA had advocated for at the table.

Please click here to access the Strike Duties Questionnaire.