University Policies and Lack of Collegial Consultation

The university administration has issued a large number of apparently ad hoc policies concerning such subjects as: Harlow Campus Funding, Group Travel, Computer Privacy, and Respectful Workplace. In all of these cases the administration at Memorial has rushed into formulating “guidelines” and regulations without full collegial consultation.

We have heard from a large number of Academic Staff Members (ASMs) that such initiatives are increasing and complicating the workload of ASMs, and straining relations within a number of units of the University.

We encourage all ASMs to voice their concerns to their Heads and Deans, stating how these policy initiatives would be more effective — and support ASMs’ work and teaching if there were proper consultation and the involvement of all those affected.

If you have further questions or encounter problems that arise from attempts to implement these policies, please contact MUNFA at extension 8642 or e-mail