Voluntary Retirement Package & Vacation Entitlement

Memorial University’s Board of Regents approved, at its May 10, 2018 meeting, a time-limited Voluntary Retirement Program (VRP) for eligible academic and non-academic staff members. The VRP provides approved employees with a lump-sum payment of one month of salary per year of service up to a maximum of 12 months of payment if they retire on or before December 31, 2018.

An Academic Staff Member’s (ASM) vacation entitlement that is not used in the year that it is earned may be carried forward to the next Academic Year (to a maximum of one (1) year’s vacation entitlement) and no more than the equivalent of two (2) year’s vacation leave may be taken in any one (1) Academic Year (Clauses 22.01 to 22.03a & b).

It is our understanding that the university administration has denied requests to payout the vacation entitlement of ASMs who have elected to take the VRP and requested to retire prior to December 31, 2018. The basis of the denial was Clause 22.03(d):

Upon retirement from the University, an ASM shall be paid for any unused vacation entitlement when assigned teaching duties and assigned responsibilities prevent the ASM from using his or her vacation entitlement before retirement and when the ASM has given at least twelve (12) months notice of retirement to the Administrative Head.

However the timing and conditions for notification set out in this clause are inconsistent with the VRP, and MUNFA has filed a Policy Grievance with the university administration.

MUNFA is advising all ASMs who have elected to accept the VRP that they may be eligible for a payout of their unused vacation entitlement. If ASMs have any questions or have had their request for vacation payout denied, please contact the MUNFA office (munfa@mun.ca) for advice.