AF&G Brochure

An updated introductory brochure has been posted to the MUNFA website describing the work the Academic Freedom & Grievance (AF&G) Committee conducts on behalf of Academic Staff Members at Memorial University.

The AF&G Committee is one of the MUNFA’s most active committees, striving to protect the negotiated rights and entitlements contained in the MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement, including the right of an Academic Staff Member to academic freedom as protected by Article 2.

The following excerpt forms part of the model clause adopted by the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) Council summarizing the general intent and some specific dimensions of academic freedom:



All academic staff members have the right to academic freedom.  Academic freedom includes the right, without restriction by prescribed doctrine, to freedom to teach and discuss; freedom to carry out research and disseminate and publish the results thereof; freedom to produce and perform creative works; freedom to engage in service to the institution and the community; freedom to express one’s opinion about the institution, its administration, and the system in which one works; freedom to acquire, preserve, and provide access to documentary material in all formats; and freedom to participate in professional and representative academic bodies. Academic freedom always entails freedom from institutional censorship.



For further information on the dimensions of academic freedom and the work of the AF&G Committee, interested members are encouraged to visit the MUNFA website.