MUNFA President’s Update Feb. 9: Talks Continue; Rally, Social Planned for Friday

Talks between your bargaining team and the administration concluded today without a deal. However, the parties will meet again tomorrow morning to continue negotiations.

MUNFA remains committed to constructive bargaining and is confident that a fair deal can be reached with the administration.

As a reminder, there is a rally Friday at noon for all MUNFA members in the St. John’s area, outside the Arts and Admin Building. There will also be a social on Friday evening; details below:

When: Friday, Feb. 10, 5-8 pm
Where: Trapper John’s (371 Duckworth St.)
What: Social! Come let off some steam, meet the flying picketers who have come in from other faculty associations across the country, and relax a bit

Stronger Together!

In love and solidarity,
MUNFA President Ash Hossain