Negotiating News #1

The MUNFA and MUN Negotiating Committees met for the first time in this round of collective bargaining on Wednesday, November 20, 2013. The university’s Negotiating Team is composed of:

  • Mr. Morgan Cooper, Associate VP (Academic) Faculty Affairs and Chief Negotiator
  • Dr. Mark Abrahams, Dean of Science
  • Dr. Noreen Golfman, Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Dr. David Peddle, Associate VP (Academic) Grenfell Campus
  • Ms. Amy Wyse, Acting Director, Faculty Relations
  • Dr. Wilf Zerbe, Dean of Business Administration.MUNFA tabled proposed changes to Article 1 (Framework and Implementation), Article 3 (Duties and Responsibilities of Faculty Members), Article 4 (Duties and Responsibilities of Librarians), Article 22 (Leaves), Article 23 (Term, Subsidized, Adjunct, Joint and Cross, Special Visiting and Spousal Appointments), Article 26 (Miscellaneous Working Conditions) and Article 27 (Patents and Copyrights). MUNFA also indicated our desire to open and negotiate Article 31 (Salaries and Benefits), but we did not table an initial proposal.

    MUN also tabled proposed changes to Article 1, Article 3, Article 4, and Article 23. But in addition, the university presented MUNFA with proposed changes to Article 2 (Academic Rights and Freedoms), Article 7 (Appointment of Faculty Members), Article 8 (Procedures for the Formation of Promotion and Tenure Committees for Faculty Members), Article 9 (The Assessment File for Non-Decision Year Review, Extension of Tenure-track Appointment, and Tenure and Promotion for Faculty Members), Article 13 (Appointment of Librarians), Article 15 (The Assessment File for Non-Decision Year Review, Extension of Tenure-track Appointment, and Tenure and Promotion for Librarians), Article 19 (Disciplinary Measures and Non- disciplinary Relief from Duties), Article 28 (Academic Staff with Delegated Administrative Responsibilities), and Article 29 (Employment Equity). MUN also indicated that they reserved the right to make proposed changes to Articles 30 (Coordinators) and Article 31 (Salaries and Benefits), but like MUNFA, did not table initial positions on Nov. 20.

    The parties are next scheduled to meet on December 3rd and 4th; at that time, MUNFA expects to respond to most, if not all, of the opening proposals of the university.

    MUNFA Negotiating Committee:

  • Dr. Jon Church (Chief Negotiator), Medicine
  • Dr. Barrie Barrell, Education
  • Dr. Alistair Bath, Geography
  • Dr. Stephen Butt, Engineering & Applied Science
  • Dr. Sonya Corbin Dwyer, Grenfell Campus
  • Mr. Dan Duda, Library
  • Ms. Kelly Hickey, MUNFA Executive Officer
  • Dr. George Jenner, Earth Sciences
  • Dr. Basil Kavanagh, Human Kinetics & Recreation
  • Mr. Leroy Murphy, Cooperative Education Coordinator, Business
  • Dr. Richard Rivkin, Ocean Sciences
  • Dr. Paul Wilson, Grenfell Campus