The MUNFA Negotiating Committee met with the Administration on June 7th, the first meeting since May 17th.

We were disappointed with Administration’s response on salaries. We note that:

  • despite the fact that the Administration has had our salary proposal on paper since May 2006,
  • despite our oft repeated statements of principle on salary:
    • competitiveness with salaries at other comparative universities
    • salary equity among ASMs at Memorial
    • some limits to the use of market differentials
  • despite our agreement to a five-week moratorium on salary discussions,
  • despite our good faith expectation that the Administration would bring forward a response to our proposal on Article 31 (Salary and Benefits) today,

the Administration presented absolutely no new proposals, oral or written, on salary and benefits.

We have reached an impasse. Consequently, MUNFA has formally requested the Conciliator to file his report with the Minister of Labour. Within 15 days of the date on that report, MUNFA will be in a legal strike position. The MUNFA Executive has begun to prepare for job action.

We agreed to the conciliator’s request that we return to negotiations prior to a strike or lock-out.

MUNFA Negotiating Committee:

  • Jon Church (Medicine) Chief Negotiator
  • George Jenner (Earth Sciences)
  • Dorothy Milne (Q.E. II Library)
  • Lili Wang (Pharmacy)
  • Paul Wilson (SWGC)
  • Marian Atkinson (MUNFA Executive Officer, non-voting member)