Cancelling Lectures

It is understood by MUNFA, that Academic Staff Members (ASMs) occasionally cancel lectures, reschedule lectures, or otherwise make attendance optional for students, at various times in any given semester. As many are likely aware, the MUN website has a daily “Cancellations” link near the bottom of the homepage screen. This practice of either cancelling lectures, or making attendance optional, is often most common and widespread near the end of a semester, when the course curriculum has been fully covered. At other times, ASMs must cancel or reschedule lectures to engage in off-campus research activities, attend conferences, or participate in other scholarly and professional activities that occur throughout the academic year.

MUNFA has recently been made aware that the university has opened an investigation – one that may lead to the imposition of discipline – of an ASM for breach of Senate regulations, for allegedly ending lectures before the end of the 13 weeks of a semester. The allegation includes an implication that in ending lectures prematurely, the ASM has negatively impacted students and the teaching and learning environment.

Given this recent development, MUNFA is suggesting ASMs considering cancelling lectures, rescheduling lectures, or making lecture attendance optional, do so with increased awareness and caution.

More information or questions, please contact the MUNFA Office ext 8642 or email