CAUT Workload Study

How much do University faculty members work, and what exactly is it that they do?

No two questions are more central to the working lives of the preponderance of Academic Staff Members (ASMs) and yet there is practically no hard national data to answer them. CAUT is undertaking a “University Faculty Workload Study.” The study should better equip CAUT as a national organization to articulate the needs and value of the professorate while also providing local, federated, and provincial faculty associations with a wealth of comparative data to help with their advocacy efforts and collective bargaining.

It is planned that on January 24, 2010, CAUT will email invitations to a sample of more than 10,000 Canadian faculty members asking them to complete a comprehensive online survey. Participants will be able to download and read the complete survey in advance of answering any questions. The survey is designed to allow respondents to complete it in stages and to revise previous responses. Several reminders will be sent to sampled individuals over the course of the project. Surveying will close on March 26, 2010.

The MUNFA Executive wants to alert ASMs to this study, and encourages members selected to cooperate with the data collection.