Child Care Facilities- Clause 26.26

Currently the MUN/MUNFA Collective Agreement provides for the administration to “use its best efforts” to provide a number of places in the MUN Child Care Centre for the children of Academic Staff Members (ASMs) but this clause offers no guarantee. There is now an obvious changing demographic amongst ASMs and with that change, the MUNFA Executive expects a greater demand for child care facilities by its members. Consequently, the MUNFA Executive is asking for your input to help determine the current and future needs that can be anticipated.

Would you take the time to forward your input to the MUNFA office. Information that would be helpful would include: do you use the MUN Child Care Centre now? If yes, what is the process you have to follow to enroll your children? Do you foresee requiring child care facilities in the next five (5) years? Have you encountered a ‘waiting list’ when you register your child? What do you think should be provided for employees as regards child care facilities? Would you foresee a separate child care centre for AMs or, an expansion of the current Centre with guaranteed spaces for ASMs?

Please indicate whether you are an ASM at the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College and what you wish to have, and need to have for that campus.

Please forward your comments and thoughts to the MUNFA office, or directly to Marian Atkinson, MUNFA’s Executive Officer –, , by April 30, 2008. The MUNFA Executive Committee will take your input under advisement and endeavour to pursue improvements to the status quo.