Clause 11.04 of the Collective Agreement

We have received inquiries about the application of Clause 11.04 of the Collective Agreement, specifically how far along a job applicant should be in the PhD studies in order to be considered under this clause. The Clause states:

When a search has been conducted and the advertisement stated that a completed earned doctorate (or the recognized terminal qualification in the discipline) is required for the appointee to receive the rank of Assistant Professor and to be in a tenure-track position, and the candidate recommended to the Board of Regents for appointment has not completed an earned doctorate (or recognized terminal qualification in his or her discipline), the appointment shall be a regular term, non- renewable appointment for three (3) years at the rank of Assistant Professor in accordance with Clause 23.02. During the first twenty-four (24) months of the term of the appointment, if the Faculty Member completes all requirements for the doctorate (or the recognized terminal qualification in his or her discipline), he or she shall begin a tenure-track appointment following completion of the requirements for the degree.

Positions advertised where an application may be considered from a person who has not completed a PhD must include language indicating that the appointee fills a regular term position until they receive their PhD, and if the PhD is not completed in the first 24 months they then have a third year that is terminal.

The intent of this Clause is that applicants should be in the final stages of their PhD, in most cases nearing completion of their dissertation. Those just beginning their dissertation research may be unlikely to complete the PhD within the two year period given the demands of a full-time faculty position. We advise search committees to keep this in mind as they assemble short lists for candidates to be interviewed. Search committees are also encouraged to fully explore with a candidate in an interview their current status in the PhD program and to assess the likelihood that the candidate will successfully complete their degree within the two year window.