Compassionate Care

Compassionate Care Leave is available to Academic Staff Members (ASMs) so that they may care for a loved one who is dying or at risk of death. Clause 22.68 of the MUN-MUNFA Collective Agreement entitles ASMs at Memorial to Compassionate Care Leave, without loss of pay, normally for a period of 10 days. In addition to benefits under Clause 22.68, both provincial and federal legislation are a source of enhanced entitlements to help employees cope with this difficult life challenge.

ASMs are entitled under provincial labour standards legislation to up to 8 weeks of unpaid leave in the event family member is at significant risk of death within 26 weeks. While this additional time would normally be without pay from the University, ASMs at Memorial may be eligible for Employment Insurance benefits during this period of leave.

Recently, the Federal Government announced measures to expand compassionate care leave and benefits. The Employment Insurance Act has been amended to increase the maximum number of weeks of Employment Insurance eligibility for compassionate care reasons from 6 to 26 weeks.

In sum, ASMs at Memorial are entitled to 10 days of paid leave under the Collective Agreement, and could be eligible for further unpaid leave, with Employment Insurance benefits, beyond the 10 days of paid leave in many circumstances.

If ASMs have questions regarding compassionate care leave, they are encouraged to contact the MUNFA office at or to consult the following information:

Federal Government’s FAQ Section on Compassionate Care Leave and Employment Insurance
CAUT Briefing Note on Compassionate Care Leave & Benefits
Clause 22 of the Collective Agreement

Please download the Information Bulletin for a table of compassionate care benefits.