Data issues: D2L and University Learning Management Systems

This Information Bulletin may be of interest to any ASM who teaches via distance, uses D2L in the classroom, or is concerned about retaining one’s intellectual property.

In 2007, the University migrated from its former learning management system, WebCT, to Desire2Learn (D2L).

Over the past 18 months, MUNFA has been pursuing the resolution of a grievance founded on the basis of an ASM being unable to access course material, specifically “user interactions” such as discussion forums, in the former WebCT learning management system. The material contained the intellectual property of the ASM, and while archived, is unable to be accessed due to licensing issues. MUNFA has also learned that the University did not copy or archive “user interactions” from the WebCT system.

The Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) can deny you access upon your retirement, can archive the material in such a manner as to make it inaccessible, or can destroy materials should it transition to another learning management system in the future. If you have material in the D2L learning management system that is your intellectual property, MUNFA advises that you make copies for future use.

If you have further questions or comments, please contact the MUNFA Office at 864-8642, or