Ergonomic Assessment of Workspace (Clause 26.01)

In the last round of collective bargaining, MUNFA succeeded in obtaining improvements in Article 26, “Miscellaneous Working Conditions”, more specifically for the purposes of this Information Bulletin, in the areas of Health, Safety and Security. Clause 26.01 now reads (in part):

The University shall maintain conditions on all University premises in accordance with an acceptable standard of safety and health in conformity with all pertinent regulations and codes including potable water and ergonomic assessments.

In the past, ergonomic assessments were performed for Academic Staff Members (ASMs) only upon the written advice of a physician. However, given the new Collective Agreement language, the university has eliminated the requirement for a physician’s referral. ASMs who may require an ergonomic assessment of their workspace, should now simply contact the university’s Department of Health and Safety (864-3786, or and make the request.